Antun Gotal's watermill "Goloverski watermill"

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Antun Gotal was the owner of the watermill. Once there was also a sawmill with an overshot water wheel. The owner had his own transport for milled flour. Its folk-name “Goloverski melin” refers to the owners who first lived in a small village next to Vitešnica called “Goli vrh”. Water was channelled towards the watermill by using the waterbed that stretched from Šutej's watermill. Even today, there are visible architectonic remains of the watermill in Bistrica's waterbed. The sawmill closed first, and soon after that the watermill stopped working in 1952. The complexity of the production process incorporating a watermill and a sawmill belonged to its special features. It was necessary to synchronise the wheel with the grindstone for the milling needs, so that additional effort and knowledge were needed to operate such a watermill and sawmill, as it was also important to know how to fulfil all the technical requirements. The channels, which were used to direct water to and from the watermills, disappeared completely from the present picture. Sometimes, at some sites, even from far away you can still notice the flow of a stream thanks to the presence of willows, alders and other flora. Some of these natural features enable us to notice or detect the existence of a watermill from distance. It has always been important to make sure the watermills are accessible to users, which is why the roads leading to the watermills have been maintained regularly.

A historical detail

It is not known who designed the channel system that was used to direct the water from the Bistrica and take it back to the waterbed. Without this early technological invention, the Ivanec watermills would not be able to work.
Businessman Guido Pongratz was working on the regulation of the Sava from Zagreb to Zaprešić from 1853 to 1856 participating also in the construction of the Lepoglava penitentiary in 1855. He performed regulation of the River Drava in Varaždin as well. (Could it be that he was also working in the region of Ivanec?)



11 Mlin Antuna Gotala

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