Ivanec graveyard

ivanecko groblje2Ivanec graveyard is on the hill “Koranićev Breg” that is named by the nearby village Koranići. The graveyard is situated by the road, which leads up and down the hill, with both sides. On the bigger Eastern part a picturesque chapel was built which is not in its sacral function. Expeditions conducted so far didn’t investigate it, so it is not known when it is built or what its purpose was.

It is believed that the graveyard was moved from the surrounding of the parish church St. Maria Magdalena at the end of 18 or at the beginning of the 19 century, for which is important the reign of Josip II who in the sequence of his reforms decided that churchyards must be moved out of settled areas.

More about Ivanec graveyard in book:
"Koranićev brieg", author: Dr.sc. Eduard Kušen

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