Pusta Bela


The fortified town of Bela (today Pusta Bela) has been a fortress and center of the Knights Hospitaller since the beginning of the 13th century. Their presence in this area is confirmed by the charter of Bela IV. dated 1238. The Knights Hospitaller owned a large complex around Ivancica and Ivanec. The only material evidence of the work of the Knights Hospitaller is in the transfer of the French construction culture - in the Romanesque burgs with a central bell tower that was brought to Croatia at almost the same time as it originated in France. This is still confirmed today by the remains of Puste Bela, whose ruins within the remains of the ramparts preserve visible stone traces of the circular floor plan.

Pusta Bela is located at 430 meters above sea level, from which the passage through Belski dol was controlled. There was not much left of the former center of the Knights Hospitaller, only the ruins of the city that had been burned down in 1481.

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