Krasevi zviri Mine

On the north side of Ivančica at the foot of the "Velika obreši" elevation at an altitude of 798 m was a deposit of zinc and lead, formed by the action of warm waters enriched with zinc and lead ore on limestones and dolomites. Zinc carbonate and zinc gloss were exploited in this mine in the mid-19th century and galenite from lead ores. The owner of the mine was Societe Anonyme Metalurgiqique Austro-Belge.

The shaft has been abandoned due to large water intrusions and decreasing quantities of ore. This site is associated with the activity of a zinc smelter (Tutia) in Kuljevčica, founded by the Belgian capital, which operated in 1863.

The ends of the abandoned trenches are seen in the limestones and dolomites of the ore veins. The trenches in some places extend into small halls, some of them filled with very clear water, through some flows a creek that forms a crystalline coating along the bottom of the ditch with occasional smaller pools where we find pizolites. As these trenches are already very old, we find smaller sigas in them.

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