Parish church in Margecan

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Paris church St. Margarita is mentioned for the first time in 1431. Zagreb’s public notary informed, in this document, ban Herman Celjski on 6. July 1431. that, by the ban’s command, landmarks of the estate Gotalovec of Jakob Gotal were established. Inspecting these landmarks in this estate delegate and the Master of Arts Antun Karduš together with ban’s representative Benedikt Komorski (Bedeković) ascertained that “while passing the peak Hum and getting down to Lipno valley they found a path that leads from Gatalovac to the church St. Margaret beneath the fortress Bela.”

After this observation passed, more then 120 years till another archive the one about parish priest Stjepan in 1551.

The history of Magrečan´s parish can be followed in Kanon´s documented visits from 1638. That year Varandin´s archdeacon Petar Oškoci on the request of Zagreb´s bishop Benedikt Vinković officially visited the parish Magarečan. From that first documented visit we can find out that the church was built on the estate of Petheö family, it had a stone belfry with one bell, a wooden ceiling, a half arched shrine, and a floor paved with brick

The church had three altars, an ancient chancel, and pulpit. Around the church was well fenced churchyard.

The central part of the church that was stone built is kept in its authentic shape until today. Today’s Church St. Margaret is baroque, monobasic building with a tower and chapel by the south wall of the church. It was finished in this shape in 19 century.

Interior church equipment, a wooden altar, a pulpit, and organ in style of historicism date back to 19 century. On the south wall of shrine a tombstone is built into with Latin epigraph that was dedicated to father Stjepan who died in 1937, by Metel Ožegović. Under the epigraph is family’s coat of arms.

The church owns some interesting examples of ritual objects. Very beautiful is gold-plated monstrance, decorated with precious stones, and it is the oldest gold plated ciborium from 1670.

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