Cerne mlake (Black puddles)

cernemlake18If you go towards Ivancica across Mrzljak, you will come to Černe mlake which are famous by peoples legends as gathering place of wiches or “zletisce coprnic”.
According to one legend, miner Jandras which was returning to his house at evening one night was intercepted by three young women dressed in silky clothes. After they dragged him through Bistrica stream he got up to Černe mlake where couple of women in black cleaned area around biggest pot with a sticks made of beech wood. In the morning they returned him to the place they took him. From that time he had more luck in his life.
According to the second legend, one family that was returning from mass in Marija Bistrica on foot saw a woman in the stream carrying a white clothes and washed other clothes in the river. Women soon after disappeared and took away capability to speak from the family. She returned couple moments later in black clothes. Family didn’t remember other events. People believes that whiches was away their sins in that river.
According to 3rd legend, sheppards were leaving their cattle on the mountain for days alone until one day cattle started to disappear. Stief while passing near Črne mlake discovered lots of bones around “sea eye”. It is believed that whiches sacrificed animals here and conducted religious ceremonies. Once one cow returned from the mountain half white half black. She produced lots of milk until one day she disappeared. People believed that a spirit entered a cow.

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