Minerals and Rocks of Ivancica

karta mineralnih nalazista

In geological view Ivancica is horst or timor. Inner part of mountain chain is made up from rocks peleozolical and Mesozoic age, and edges are made up from rocks of Cenozoic age. Oldest rocks that make inner part of the mountain are Paleozoic carbon rocks and clay rocks. On top of them there are Mesozoic trisikal rocks and dolomites which make the most of the whole mountain chain. Edges are made up from tercial layers and from Oligocene rocks and sandstone. On the slopes of the mountain mentioned sediments are covered by quarter diluvia clays.
In distant geological past tectonic movements were very strong and intense in this region, and they caused mountain Ivancica to stay as a horst. Ivancica is intersected by big splits on northern and southern side, and many smaller splits cover its central part. Tectonic movement often is followed by volcanic actions, so because of those splits we can locate so many minerals and springs in this region.
On the edges of the splits lava passed, volcanic eruptions occurred and with them thermal waters emerged in which there were many minerals and ores. These volcanic occurrences are responsible for creation of many layers of ore and minerals.
Taken from text “Mineral and rocks of Ivancica” of academic Mirko Melez: Our mountains 4/1952 num 7-8
Until today by research about 60 minerals has been discovered. Mainly in rock form and far less in layer form.

Known minerals of Ivancica

Ahat, albitm, amfibol, andezit, anglezit, antigorit, apatit, augit, biotit, bitovnit, bornit, brukit, Ca – montmorilonit, cerusit, cirkon, delesit, dichardit, diopsidski augit, dolomit, epidot, galenit, getit, granat, halkopirit, halkozin, hausmanit, hematit, hemimorfit, heulandit, hidrobiotit, hidrocinkit, hipersten, idingsit, ilit, ilmenit, jaspis, kalcedon, kalcit, kaolin, klorit, kovelin, kvarc, labrador, leukoksen, limonit, magnetit, martit, minerali glina, montmorilonit, mordenit, oligoklas, oniks, opal, penin, pirit, piroksen, piroluzit, prehnit, pumpeliit, ransieit, rodohrozit, rutil, sanidin, seladonit, sericit, serpentin, sfelerit, siderit, skapolit, smithsonit, spekularit, spinel, talk, titansko-željzni augit, todorokit, turmalin, uralit, vermikulit.

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