About Ivancica

ivancica prigorecIvancica is the highest mountain of Hrvatsko Zagorje region. North slope of the mountain which descends into valley of river Bednja has very nice mountain terrain, its very steep and vegetation is rare. Ivancica is about 30 Km long and up to 9 Km wide. Its spreading from east to west and its a very nice example of chain type of mounains with highest peak of 1060 meters.

Mountain belt above 300 meters is mainly covered by beech tree forests. In lover parts forests consist mainly out of oak trees. On the first look mountain looks pretty tame but it big sloops and bare rocks tell a diffrent story. Some parts of the mountain like stone reef of Legesicine, rocks under Belige and big sloope near Belec-grad ancient ruins have climate that is pretty much Alpian.

With rich views, shade of dense forests, and the highest peak of northern Croatia Ivancica is mountain climbers paradaise.

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