Mountain paths

Paths from Ivanec to Ivancica peak

  • Ivanec-Prigorec-Konj-Pasarićeva kuća (2:30 h)
  • Ivanec-Pilana-Mrzljak-Črne mlake-Pasarićeva kuća (3:00 h)
  • Ivanec-Prigorec-Prekrižje-Pasarićeva kuća (4:00 h)
  • Ivanec-Prigorec-Pasarićeva kuća (road, 13 km)

Path from Lepoglava

  • Lepoglava-Šumec-Košeničke livade-Pasarićeva kuća (6:00 h)
  • Ivanec-Prigorec-Konj-Pasarićeva kuća: We start from the main Ivanec city square towards Ivancica.By road after 3,5 km we arrive to Prigorac.On the end of the village where 2 paths split we go straight.On a steep path we climb to Mali Konj,after that we climb near the reef to Veliki Konj.There is about 45 min of walking to the peak.Whole climb lasts about 2 and a half hours.

  • Ivanec-Pilana-Mrzljak-Črne mlake-Pasarićeva kuća: We start on the road from Ivanec towards Ivancica.By toad after 2,5 km walk Riters street ends.At that point we get off the road and go right.While we climb slope becomes steeper and steeper.After 30 minutes of walk we get to bih field near the Zgano Vino spring.Then we go straight forward on a forest path and after 1km on a small hill on the right is resting ground near Mrzljak spring.Then again we go right and with on a bigger slope we get to a small valley beneath Crnih mlaka.By path near Crnih Mlaka we get to a road.When you continue walking on the road it will take you about 30 minutes to get to the top.By this path climb lasts about 3 hours.

  • Ivanec-Prigorec-Prekrižje-Pasarićeva kuća: From Ivanec we go to Prigorac.On the end of the village where mountain path seperates we go left.Then we climb on the dirt road through Javornjak fores for 5 km to Prekrizje.From Prekrizje to top there is about 1 hour walk.Whole climb by this path lasts about 4 hours.This is the easisest path.

  • Ivanec-Prigorec-Pasarićeva kuća (road): We go from Ivanec to Prigorac by road.On the enterance to the village we go right near the chapel.We go past Zganon Vina and get to parking lot near “Pasarieva kuca”.Dirt road is maintained very good and can be used by all vehicles,except during the winter and after heavy rains.

  • Lepoglava-Šumec-Košeničke livade-Pasarićeva kuća: From Lepoglava we go towards Golubovac near Sumec.Near the statue of holly Marry we go left on a steady climb and we pass near “Brackove” cave to “Maks” spring and later near old Vudelje quarry.Above the quarry its good to go left towards “vilincu” cliff because of excellent view.From there road leads towards Pregarske krci,on the left side there are””Mala,velika pec and Mali,Veliki turmeki” caves.Through beech forest we get to crosspath where we go straight t o”malih krca” where you get on a road that comes from Ivanec.Until “pasarices house” there is bout one and a half hour of walk.Path is 15 km long and its pretty intense because of climbs and slopes.Its necessary to keep watch on time of start.


The paths of the mountain trails are subject to change or can even be damaged, depending on forestry activities.
Walking on mountain trails and the use of the map: AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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