Peak of Ivancica

Peak of Ivancica is located 1060 meters above the sea level. Its main destination of most mounain climber that come to visit ivancica. With the mountain climbers hut „Pasarićeva kuća“ there are also 2 sight-seeing locations. From the smaller one „Stričevo“ you can see big area towards towns Ivanec, Varaždin and Međiumurje region.

On the highest spot on the mountain a sight-seeng tower „Pyramid“ is built, its 10 meters high.“Pyramid“ sight-seeing location is probably the best one in Zagorje region. Its made of iron and it has concrete supporters. On the same spot in 1893 mounain climbers from Ivanec built a small wooden pyramid and next to it a small shelter, that was predecessor of todays modern tower and huts.

Around huts and tower there are many wooden benches and tables for several hunderts of mountain climbers and tourists.

Name of the peaks you can see from top of Ivancica

Peak height (m) distance (km) orient. (deg.)
Kalnik 645 25 103
Psunj-Brezovo polje 984 132 130
Sljeme-Medvednica 1033 35 206
Klek 1181 130 215
Japetić 879 62 218
Risnjak 1528 140 235
Kuna gora 520 30 269
Strahinjčica 847 17 272
Triglav 2863 180 278
Grintavec 2558 125 280
Ojstrica 2350 116 285
Donačka gora 980 30 286
Macelj 715 28 298
Ravna gora 680 15 312

Important events at Ivancica

1st of May picnic
First of may picnic is gathering of mountain climbers and visitors on which more than a thousand people gathers, it lasts for 2 or 3 days.
Holy mass for Ivanje on 24th of June. If on that date Sunday is by the calendar mass shall be held of St.Ivans day, and if some other holyday occurs in date of mass, mass shall be held first week after the holyday.
Manifestation „Walking-health“ is held during the last week of July .Participants walk from center of Ivanac across Mrzljak towards the top of mountain Ivancica where sport competitons are beeing held at playground near the mountain climbers hut. After intense competitions a nice party is held.

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