Ivanec's mining days

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Event time: June and December
Description of the event:
The event is traditionally held in two terms:

1. In the month of June, the weekend closest to the date 22. 06.
2. In the month of December closest to the date 04. 12.

The Ivanec Mining Days want to enrich the tourist, economic and cultural offer, to improve the tourist product of the destination. Among other things, the primary goal is to influence the preservation of cultural and historical heritage and heritage of the Ivanec region, and the creation of an innovative tourist product.
We want the event to be a generator for the development of tourism and culture, as mining used to be with a great direct impact on the development of Ivanec and Varaždin County.
This is supported by the revitalized tourist-historical attraction - Ivanec Mining Company, which is also called the economic promoter of our micro-region.

The historical unit - Ivanec Mining Company - has greatly contributed to the promotion and enrichment of the tourist and economic offer of this area.

Since 2017, among other things, the concentration is on the traditional part itself, and economic and other exhibition activities will be held in June. Ultimately, the event takes place in two terms, season and postseason.

Ivanec Mining Days have become recognizable throughout Croatia. as a unique cultural and tourist event, the only one from Ivanec can be found on the official website of the CNTB.
It is supported by educational institutions, museum institutions, ministries, businessmen and citizens.

Among other things, the event has several other goals:

  • promoting the economy through indigenous souvenirs
  • promoting the mining profession
  • preservation of the ethnological and historical heritage of the destination
  • education of the younger population
  • enriching the cultural and tourist offer of the destination
  • affect the increase in the arrival of visitors and tourists
  • preservation of historical material heritage through exhibitions
  • presentation of local indigenous dishes (Our old dishes)
  • quality combination of businessmen, local self-government, museum and educational institutions, tourism…

Our primary goal is to create quality prerequisites and ready-made content specific to our micro-region and to promote them throughout Croatia with the aim of attracting potential visitors.
The priority of the project-event is a quality combination of heritage-culture-economy-tourism and promotion.
With one quality approach, we managed to satisfy all the above segments, which is supported by the fact that every year we record an increasing number of visitors, as well as active participants in the event.

It is generally known that the development of tourism in European cities today is inconceivable without cultural tourism events, tourism products and facilities, as the basis of tourist destinations.