Andrija Mudri's watermill

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Its owner was Andrija Mudri, born on 11 November 1919.The watermill started operating at the beginning of the 19th century when there were not so many people living in Prigorec. It was made of the calcareous rock and wood found in its immediate surroundings. According to historical documents from 1936 and based on the Decision by Municipality Council of Ivanec in Ivanec District, the watermill owners were granted the privilege (concession) to build a dam and use the water for the next thirty years. The document stated clearly how Bistrica's water was to be used along with other necessary technical activities and features of the watermill's operation. In 1959, the watermill was nationalised for a short period of time.
It had a long tradition of grinding wheat and used to be of great importance for Prigorec. From there, flour was transported by a horse-drawn cart to the nearby places. Brothers Andrija and Franjo Mudri co-owned the watermill during the last days of its operation until it closed in 1947.
An interesting fact associated with the watermill refers to the finding of a couple of gold coins, hidden in the opening on the load-bearing beam on the watermill's roof. Andrija Mudri, a boy playing around the mill, found the gold coins around 1930. In that way, golden flour grains left a material trace in the form of the gold coins. Residents named the family Meljinski in the local dialect.

Information provided by Josip and Nikola Mudri.

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