Pofuk-Friscic's watermill

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mlin3mlin4The watermill was built in 1956 and it was used to grind wheat for the needs of Prigorec's residents. Andrija Friščić once owned it, whereas his son Stjepan Friščić is taking care of it today. In 2004, the watermill was renewed thanks to the help provided by the Tourist Board of the town of Ivanec. Today, it is not only used for the purposes of tourism but also to provide the services of grinding wheat in a traditional way by turning the water wheel. The watermill is also a tourist attraction for numerous tourists and mountain climbers on their way to Ivančica. At Friščić's watermill, all well-intentioned people and travellers can find refreshment from freshwater springs. Besides the loud clattering of the watermill wheel, visitors can enjoy the beautiful nature and cascades – small waterfalls of the Bistrica, flowing steeply towards Ivanec.


This watermill is connected to a wooden watermill, which was located 50 metres further down the road to Ivanec. The Pofuk family from Prigorec were the first owners of the watermill. In 1939, Andrija Friščić took out a lease on the watermill and then bought it from the Pofuk family after the World War II. The old wooden watermill was used until 1956. Having fallen into disrepair, its location was moved and a new watermill was built at the present site.

Information provided by Stjepan Friščić

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