14History of photography in the town of Ivanec is lasting from the first photo works of Juraj Draskovich during the 19th century. Betwen the first and second world war Ivanec was the centar for photography in the former Yugoslavia. Photo section of Ivanec mountaineer's section “Ivančica” was the first organized society of photo amateurs in Ivanec, it was founded on the initiative of Otokar Hrazdira in October the 30. 1931. First exhibition of photo art in Ivanec was held in the next year, 1932.

Otokar Hrazdira was the most famous photo amateur in former Yugoslavia. According to the American annual book of photography (Boston, 1934.), Hrazdira was exhibiting on eight international exhibition with 18 exhibited and awarded photos. Reputation of international photo art artist he obtained exhibiting on international fairs and by wining international awards, some of them are: in Cannes (Prix offer and a bronze medal); Luzerne (silver and three bronze medals); Prague (third price for collection of contact photos) and many others rewards. He was born in Czech Republic and he came in Ivanec in year 1920. as a mining officer. There he experience public affirmation.

He was the publisher of a magazine for artistic photo “Gallery” with headquarters of redaction in Ivanec. The magazine had been for seals for six months from October 1933. till March 1934. (in all 6 numbers were printed), he had parallel redactions in Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Hungary. The magazine had stopped printing because of too little subscribers and high criteria of a main publisher.

His successor was Petar Jagetić, who was the best advertising photographer in former Yugoslavia in 1950th. After the Second World War in 1950 he founded Ivanec photo club, whose members were participating in exhibitions which had been organized by other photo clubs in the country, as well as by Ivanec photo club. Photograph activities busted more since 1976. They had organized photo courses, exhibitions of artistic photography, and in short time Ivanec´s photo amateurs were having successes in the country and abroad. Ivanec´s photo club was elected the best club in the country and in 1982, in Trakošćan, they organized manifestation “Days of Yugoslavia photography”

From 1932 till today in Ivanec are organized more then 30 photo exhibitions.

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