vinogradarstvo4Vineyards with ventricles through picturesque hills at the bottom of Ivančica are part of a unique landscape that can not leave any lover indifferent to this beautiful drop. Viticulture in this area has thousand years of tradition. Vineyards from this are part of Haloze vineyards, where from ancient times is the habitat of grapevine. The quality wine of Ivanec was served in bottles on feasts in Vienna, Budapest. London and Paris and even today it receive numerous awards and recognitions for quality.

Types of wine bred here are white grapevine, white pinot, rain grapevine , kraljevina, moslovac, silvanac zeleni (nutmeg) silvanac, traminac, white stajerska grape, black Portuguese , Frankish grape and many other.

Wine always refreshed body and soul of local farmers, workers gentlemen and unexpected guests. Without wine does not pass any party, and people from Ivanec welcome every guest joyfully with wine as a line of their hymn describes, it is going something like this: “With wine every job is being done”

Nikaj na svetu lepšega ni (There is nothing more beautiful)
Neg' je gorica kad rodi. (Then a time when vineyard are nicely growing)
Kumek moj dragi, daj se napij, (My dear godfather come and get drunk)
Dugo nas ne bu, daj se ga vžij! (Long time no seen come and take a sip.)

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