Ivanec Mining Company

A work of miners was always difficult and dangerous. Especially at the end of 19th century and at the beginning of 20th century in Ivanec mines, where all work was being done by hand with no machinery and other adequate equipment present.

Some times later in mineshafts, horses were used to pull mining carts. Because they did not go out of the mineshafts, they soon become blind, and due to heavy weight that they were puling, they were becoming exhausted. After that, they were brought out of the mines and sold to butchers.

In those conditions, accidents occurred frequently, so at the end of 19th century, with the approval of Royal mining company, and on initiative of mine owner, Ivanec Miner’s Company for rescue was established.

The company was responsible for miner rescuing and helping victims of accidents, and it counted 20 members. It was composed from better mineworkers, craftsman and clerics trained for different rescue types, paramedics and doctors.

Company work was organized so that in every shift of miners, they were few members of Rescue Company and others could join fast, in case of emergency and accidents, to help victims.

Members of company hade special uniforms, which were composed from hats with mining symbols with, laurel wreath that was made from brass, belt, pants and boots. Gold plated strips on a collar designated company commander, his deputy, doctors, trumpeters, paramedics and the rest of the staff. A constituent part of the uniform for celebrations was a miner’s axe with symbols of a complete mining process. The look of the uniform was regulated and it could only be sawed by an approval of the Royal mining company.

With the time, the company got needed resources and appropriate offices for work and with her help, many lives were saved. As a part of the company fire brigade and metal instruments were operating.

On the initiative of Boris Jagatić Daroboš, Ivanec miner’s company was established again in 2006. as a historical formation of Croatian army. The main goal for the reopening of the company was to thank former miners, but also to keep the part of Ivanec tradition from being forgotten and to include it actively in the tourist promotion of Ivanec city. The first line up of company was on 24th of June 2006. within the celebration of Day of Ivanc city. Interesting uniforms are sewed according to one that was preserved from the end of 19th century.

Ivanec miner’s company is the only one of its kind in this area of Europe.

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