Chest making

Although chests were maid from trim wood in many areas of Croatia, those from Kraševac were highly valued. Chests were made from beech tree, which had been previously chosen in a forest where it was cut into pieces to take splinter. Then splinter was split open to planks between 1.2 to 1.5 meters long.

Planks would then be trimmed and piled to be dried for one year. Chests were put together by cotter pins without using nails or glue.

They were used for storing corns, food, or clothes. Chests were given to girls as dower and they were decorated with beautiful ornaments in shape of hearts, leaves, flowers, cross, pigeons etc. They were usually used for preparing bride’s clothes.

Skilled craftsmen, from Kraševec, were well known, far and wide, by their high-quality chests, so they managed to sell them at fairs in Kotoribe, Čakovac, Varaždin, Zlatar, Krapina, Ivanca, and in same places in Posavina.

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