Once the most of citizens in Ivanečka Željeznica was involved in making briquette in Ivanec known as “vugleničarstvo”. This is a procedure of making charcoal for the needs of blacksmiths. Wood is sawed on a particular length and then arranged in circle. Wood arranged in this way need to be covered with fern or cornstalks. When this is done a half meter of earth or dust is thrown on it. “Vuglenica” (trunk) is set to fire on the top and it burns, depending on its size, for two or three weeks. In bigger “vuglenice” (trunk) goes up to 40 meters of wood.

While vuglenica (trunk) burns, coal miners have to keep an eye on it, closing or opening holes. The best time for setting fire to vuglenice (trunk) is in quiet fall, and it usually done on open space near stream so it could be put down easily.

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