Trebitva kukuruza (Maize cleaning)

kukuruz 1

Trebitva (komušanje) of corn is an old custom, forgotten today, connected with harvest of corn. After the “trgatva” (harvest) of corn, corn was driven in carts to “škedenj”, chamber or in the similar room. In the evening, all neighborhood would gather by trebitva, especially young men and girls.

With the socializing and song time of komušanje would pass quickly, and young waited the end of komušanje with special eagerness. Afterwards “ezedenje” or rolling would follow and flinging of young on komušina, through which young showed their sympathies. Host would mark the end of “ezdenje” by turning on the lights and he would treat everyone with the chestnuts and mach.

This custom now only lives in occasional arrangements of trebitva which are organized by the Society of Friends of folk customs “Maska”.

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