Vuzemnice (Bonfires)

vuzemnice4In the area of Ivanec Easter tradition of lightning of vuzemnica is cherished. Branches for building are prepared even few weeks before Easter, and vuzemnica is built on Great Saturday, usually on the highest hill, so that flame can be seen as far as possible. In the villages between Ivančica and Bednje vuzemnice are usually built in the form of cone. Around the broach in the middle branches and fir – wood are being set.

In the places above Bednje, in Jerovac and Bedenac, highest vuzemnice in the area are built. They are often almost 15 meters high. It is usually erected pyramid composed of three or four main columns which are tied on the top. Around them wooden chucks are laid. The interior is filled with coniferous sprigs.

Vuzemnice are usually lit up in the midnight or in the day brake. The whole village usually gathers for lightning.

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