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Bicycle path in City of Ivanec - "MEET YOUR WAY" and "YOU CAN'T MISS"... coming to Ivanec, County, ...


Within the European framework, it is estimated that the proportion of trips during which cycling is the main activity or the bicycle is the main means of transport will increase in the next 10 years. According to historical knowledge, Ivanec has a long cycling tradition since 1920.
On the basis of the known knowledge, the Tourist Board of the town of Ivanec has been preparing the route planned for the development of cyclotourism a few years back. The primary part relates to the connection of specific places, settlements and contents in the area of ​​the town of Ivanec. Several models with substrates and future tracks have been made in this direction. The same will be available as a standalone supply segment, but also an integral part of linking with the county model of cyclotourism development.
Ivanec has a beautiful geographical position, mostly infrastructurally designed ideally for the development of: Cycling, Promenade, Educational trails. Ivanec and Ivancica abound with numerous sources of drinking and medicinal water. Water resources with an environment where visitors can enjoy a true natural environment are expressed and arranged.
At the same time, one of the primary interests is the possibility of extending the project to other tourist facilities such as: development of rural tourism, accommodation in households, clients. By creating a content cycle path, all the important contents and potentials of: Historic Sights, Nature, Springs, Opg Economy, Catering, Traditional Production, Viticulture, Education… are highlighted.
Certainly the quality of the implementation contributes to the development of the infrastructure as well as the satisfied technical preconditions. This is supported by the display of brown signage and the satisfaction of the technical preconditions for marking the cycling route itself. We have been realizing the same in certain phases over the past year in the wider area of ​​Ivanec.
cikloturizam11Certainly a big role is played by the first promenade of Ivanec, which runs through the center of Ivanec by the "Tourist Road" and connects to the "Ivančice" project, which covers only the foot and top of Ivančica Mountain. The rich flora and fauna is available on numerous landscaped and marked paths that intersect with the springs with the presence and other unique micro-location features that make this area unique.
The length of the entire planned route is approx. 60 km.
The whole project is planned to cover the following areas:

  1. Radovan
  2. Margečan
  3. Cerje
  4. Stažnjevec
  5. Salinovec
  6. Željeznica
  7. Salinovečki bregi
  8. Punikve
  9. Ivanečka jezera
  10. Prigorec
  11. Ivanec
  12. Ivančica
  13. Kozjak-Risje
  14. Žgano vino
  15. Vuglovec
  16. Kraševec
  17. Bedenec
  18. Spajanje na rutu „Od dvorca do dvorca“

In Ivanec, the Salinovec Sports and Recreation Society is organizing for the eighth time the traditional "Med Skrajski bregi" bicycle. Since 2011, Downhill racing has been organized by BBK Ivanščica for the purpose of mountain biking development.

A more significant market segment for those who during cycling is an important additional activity in the presence of content for the target groups and all others will ultimately be adequately valorized and commercialized.

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