Jurjevo (St. George)

jurjevo rogCustoms of Jurjevo are native customs of Ivanec’s region. Picture of shepherds and cows on the meadows beneath Ivančica is unimaginable today, but old customs continue to live through the Society of Friends of folk traditions Maska.

Jurjevo (April 23rd) was the last day on which the cows could pasture freely. After this day, cows were no longer allowed to pasture because the grass growing on the meadows was meant for mowing. Shepherds celebrated this day in a special way.

Shepherds decorated cow horns, since it was the day when cows married. They put the corollas made of willow sprigs in which flowers of St. George was entwined on their horns. Caravan of decorated cows, followed by barefoot shepherds, who whistled with willow whistles, moved through the center of the place, and afterwards every cow and the shepherd would separate and moved to their yard.

Cows would stop being brides in front of the barn, where the corolla was taken of them, three times winded up and thrown over the roof for “good luck and health of calves and cows”.

Shepherd games, organized on Jurjevo, are also very interesting. But before the games, it was the custom that all shepherds should be offered with “cvrtje” (eggs fried on homemade fat) fried in the fireplace. Eggs prepared in this way were put on the corn – bread (maize) with wooden spoons. After the refreshment, shepherd games and wiggeries followed.

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