Pavlinjak's watermill / “Ziga Melinski's Watermill”

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mlin13People used to call this watermill Žiga Melinski's watermill. However, its last owner was Izidor Friščić Pavlinjak. The owners provided services of grinding wheat and transported flour by a horse-drawn cart to Jurketinec and nearby places. The watermill operated from 1883 to 1985. It was leased to Vinko Friščić Pavlinjak, who bought it off between 1919 and 1920 and thus became the owner of the place. In the period from 1913-1919 his wife ran the watermill because he went to America. Throughout the years, the watermill was redesigned so that, even today, you can see the remains of the first watermill, which had been built with rocks from the west side, whereas the other sides were built using bricks in 1952. The watermill has kept these architectonic features up to the present. Unfortunately, there is nothing left of the watermill's written documents or photo-documentation. Nowadays Josip Friščić Pavlinjak takes care of the place.
Information given by Josip Friščić Pavlinjak


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