International Meeting of Historical Troops


The project aims to valorize the medieval heritage based on historical facts based on the survival of the Knights of Ivanovo in our region.
The realization of the project is organized in several phases of execution.
The final satisfaction of basic needs creates quality preconditions for regional and international expansion and stronger connections with places and cities in Croatia and abroad. Thus, with the presence of various contents, all parameters in creating an innovative tourist product are met.
In a faithful way, there is a quality blend of past and present through historical facts, natural potentials, legends, economy, with a certain dose of adventurous experience and overall promotion.

With the realization of the project, visitors get acquainted with the former medieval life with the aim of connecting the tourist, cultural and economic offer, and the improvement of Ivanec as a tourist destination, and also influence the awareness of preserving the cultural heritage of Ivanec.

The inclusion of a subject from the wider area of ​​the town of Ivanec significantly contributes to a thorough approach to matter in conjunction with the past and present through historical and traditional themes.
The presence of various contents for all ages certainly contributes to and influences the socio-cultural basic features (entertainment, research, recreational, religious, business, traditional, educational…)

Ivanec and Varaždin County are also known centers for the exploitation of mineral wealth, the organized exploitation of which dates back to the 18th century. Nowadays, the mining identity of the region and the town of Ivanec has been erased.
Today, in addition to the historical mining unit, uniformed members of historical units also recall the past in a special way in the form of a recognizable product-symbol, promoting the neglected values ​​of society as guardians of heritage, ethics and chivalry.
In addition to the known historical facts, there is an unbreakable link between miners and knights-Templars in the Middle Ages and the mint in Hrvatsko zagorje (Jan Vitovac) Pakrac (ban denarii) (
This project provides opportunities for synergies in the valorization of cultural and economic heritage through a single product. The Templars and knights of Ivanovo had great material wealth and were the first bankers.
The event is held every year in June.