How to come to Ivanec?


By bus, the easiest way to get to Ivanec is from Varaždin because bus lines are regular and frequent throughout the day. Varaždin is well connected with Zagreb by bus.
It is also possible to reach Ivanec from Zagreb by a direct line that operates between Zagreb - Krapina - Ivanec - Varazdin. This line runs once or twice a day.
For the exact timetable we recommend contacting the information of Zagreb Bus Station on the phone: 061/313 333 ( or information of the Varaždin Bus Station on the phone: 060/333 555 (

By train

It is possible to reach Ivanec by train from Varaždin. Trains are not as frequent during the day as buses, but it is possible to schedule dates. Timetable information is available on the phone: 060 333 444 or at (

By road

You can reach Ivanec by road:

  • from Varaždin through Vidovec, Jurketinec, Greda and Stažnjavec
  • from Zagreb highway to Sv. Začretje Crossing where we get off the highway, through Novi Golubovec and Lepoglava to Ivanec
  • from Zagreb by motorway to Krapina, then to Macelj, Trakošćan, Bednja, Lepoglava and Ivanec
  • from the direction of Zagreb through Sv. Ivan Zelinu, Novi Marof, Varazdin, Ivanec

In addition to these major road routes, there are some shortcuts that are not recommended without using a car ticket.

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