Ivanec Tourist Board

The Tourist Board of the City of Ivanec (hereinafter: the Community) is a legal entity, whose members are legal and natural persons in the activities of catering and tourism and activities directly related to these activities in the area of ​​the City of Ivanec.

The community is considered established on the day of entry into force of this Statute, and the status of a legal entity is acquired on the day of registration in the Register of Tourist Boards of the Ministry of Tourism. The rights and obligations of the Association are determined by the Law on Tourist Boards and the Promotion of Croatian Tourism (hereinafter: the Law) and this Statute.

The Community is governed by its members in proportion to their share of the Community's income and their importance for the overall development of tourism.


  1. promoting a tourist destination at the city level independently and through joint advertising,
  2. management of public tourist infrastructure given for management by the city,
  3. participation in defining the goals and policies of tourism development at the city level,
  4. participation in creating conditions for effective coordination of the public and private sector,
  5. encouraging the optimization and balancing of economic and social benefits and environmental benefits,
  6. development of strategic and development plans for tourism at the city level,
  7. encouraging and participating in the arrangement of the city in order to improve the living conditions of tourists, in addition to the construction of communal infrastructure,
  8. regularly, and at least every 4 months, collecting and updating data on the tourist offer, accommodation and catering facilities (cultural, sports and other events), working hours of health care institutions, banks, post office, shops, etc. and other information necessary for stay and travel tourist,
  9. issuing tourist promotional materials,
  10. performing information activities related to the tourist offer,
  11. encouraging and organizing cultural, entertainment, artistic, sports and other events that contribute to the enrichment of the tourist offer,
  12. coordination of activities of all entities directly or indirectly involved in tourist traffic for the purpose of joint agreement, determination and implementation of tourism development policy and enrichment of tourist offer,
  13. encouraging, organizing and implementing actions in order to preserve the tourist area, improve the tourist environment and protect the human environment, as well as natural and cultural heritage,
  14. encouraging, improving and promoting specific natural and social values ​​that make the city recognizable to tourists and creating conditions for their economic use,
  15. keeping a unique list of tourists for the city area, mainly for the purpose of controlling the collection of sojourn tax and professional data processing,
  16. daily collection, weekly and monthly processing of data on tourist traffic in the city,
  17. checking and collecting data on registration and deregistration of tourists in order to cooperate with the competent inspection bodies in the supervision of the calculation, collection and payment of sojourn tax, and registration and deregistration of tourists,
  18. encouraging and participating in the activities of educating the population on environmental protection, preservation and improvement of natural and social values ​​of the area in order to develop public awareness of the importance and effects of tourism, and its members and their employees in order to raise the quality of services,
  19. organization, implementation and supervision of all actions for the promotion of the city's tourist product in accordance with the guidelines of the Community Assembly, the annual work program and the financial plan of the Community,
  20. establishment of a unified tourist information system, tourist registration and deregistration system and statistical processing,
  21. performing other tasks prescribed by law or other regulations,
  22. The community participates in the implementation of programs and actions of the Varaždin County Tourist Board of common interest for all entities in tourism in the county.

Based on a special decision of the Tourist Board of the Croatian Tourist Board, the community may be a member of international tourist organizations.


Ivanec Tourist Board
Trg hrv. ivanovca 9b, 42240 Ivanec



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