Organizations and clubs

Society of friends of traditional customs “Maska”

Society “Maska” is famous in Ivanec region for its big role in keeping traditional customs alive. Founded in 1994 as successor of organization “Maska” from 1950s.They are organisators of many shows and manifestations like: Martinje, Nikolinje, Vincekovo, Jurjevo, Ivonjski fasink, Gljivarijada and traditional wheat gathering. They have good cooperation with societies through Croatia that are trying to keep traditional ways alive.

Society president:
Vlasta Friščić
Cell phone: 098 918 9594

Sport fishing club Ivanec

Sport fishing club Ivanec is manager of waters on area of Ivanec, Lepoglave, Bednja and Klenovnik with total are of about 150 hectares. Club has 400 members and its controlling fishing house on Ivanec falls. Club is organizator of many fishing contests of which are most famous “Cvergl cup” and competition for the day of Ivanec. Members are very active in sports-fishing activities in which they win many prizes. Every year they organize week of cleaning paths to waters, their cleaning and increasing the fish fund.

Fishing house:
042 784 266 (5.00 PM - 8.00 PM)
Branko Matijevic 098 446-565

CAS “Rudolf Rajter” Ivanec

CAS “Rudolf Rajter” is amateur art society whose singing quire is performing quire singing. There are 45 members and they are gathered from all ages: pupils, students, workers, pensioners. It performes all kinds of plays a capela, domestic and foreign composers which are suited for singing in quire, and especially it cares about singing Zagorje region traditional songs. CAS has 21 times participated on country festivals as representative of Varazdin region. As sole representative from Croatia it participated in international competition in Olomoucu (Czech republic) where it won a silver prize in its category.

Culture and arts society Salinovec

CAS performs in folklore,music,drama and singing sections. Society is caring about culture of Salinovec region, especially about old dances, songs and other traditions of our region. In special occasions they prepare traditional foods according to old recipes. It is the organisator if manifestation Jozefovo in Salinovac.

Society owns number of traditional clothes which they wear during their performances.

Vineyard and owners society “Peharček”

Society is active on this area and it is acting to develop vineyards on Ivanec area. Main goals of society are organizing lectures, organizing wine shows and quality control, participation at other wine shows, improving Ivanec wine and cooperation with other wine societies.

Udruga vinogradara i vinara “Peharcek”
Ljudevita Gaja 13/3
42240 Ivanec
Tel: 042 782 300

Paragliding club “Let”

Paragliding club is managing starting off sites for paragliders on Ivancica and Ravna Gora. Both starting points are registered and you will need to contact the operator. Club “Let” and Croatian airplanes society offers to everyone interested basic lessons, advanced lessons, tandem flying in two and weekend lessons which are specialy interesting in team building.

Paragliding club “Let”
Lancic 29, 42240 Ivanec
GSM: 091 234 2340

Society of friends of music and traditions “Lompuš” Radovan

Society “Lompuš” from Radovan has big role in caring about old traditions of folklore and music. In society there are big orchestra and singing quire. Folklore section performes traditional dances and songs so called “Bielske fare” and their performance is supported by people violin orchestra (violins,contrabass and cimbule).

Society acts on local and all bigger folklore contests in Croatia and on festival of Croatian traditional music and music youngsters of Varazdin region.

Collectioners club Ivanec

Ivanec collectioners club has big role in cultural life of Ivanec region. Collectioners have since foundation of the society in 2003 held abut 20 shows on which they presented items from Ivanec past. In part of trading house “Chibo” in Malez street, there is collectionary show off case in which collectioners show their items.

Ivanečki klub kolekcionara
Ladislava Šabana 8, Ivanec

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