Restaurant BVB

Along the road leading from Ivanec to Prigorec on the left is the restaurant BVB. The restaurant has a capacity of up to 180 seats, so it often organizes various gatherings and ceremonies such as mushrooms, art exhibitions, wedding ceremonies, business presentations and lunches. The space is comfortable to stay in and stylishly decorated.

The outside terrace is enough for 30 people, and the special atmosphere of the stay on the terrace gives the noise of water that creates the stream Bistrica. The offer of food with specialties of international cuisine also includes traditional sweets of this region. From the rich offer of drinks we highlight guerrilla and homemade brandy. In front of the restaurant there is ample parking for 50 cars.

Restaurant BVB
Rudolfa Rajtera 14
42240 Ivanec
Tel. +385 (0)42 781 977
Hours: Tuesdays through Thursdays from 9am to noon, on weekends from 9am to 1am, and on Mondays the restaurant is closed.

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