Sport fishing

The Ivanec region is rich in freshwater fish. The Ivanec Sports Fishing Association manages the waters in this area, so the Bednja River from its source to Završje is a part of the Plitvice River, the entire course of the Bistrica River, all of the Ivanovo Bay and the Jezera Lake, and the Bayer to Cerje and Brodarevac.

In this area one can fish carp, amur, perch, pike, catfish, diver, grandmother, yellowfin, carp, catfish, trout bass and other fish.


Fisherman's lodge in Ivanec, located by the bayers, has a capacity of 60 seats and 200 seats on the outdoor covered terrace. Lodge can be used by Club members.

ŠRD Ivanec
Mirka Maleza 82
42240 Ivanec
Contact person: Branko Matijevic
GSM: +385 (0)98 446 565

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