Sports hall

The gym is part of the Ivanec High School and is used by all Ivanec athletes and recreational athletes. The hall is suitable for handball, football, basketball and volleyball. The stands have a capacity of 1500 seats and the hall can accommodate up to 1500 more people. If necessary, the hall can be divided into 3 parts. The hall has 7 changing rooms with showers, fitness and catering. The hall is used until 3.30 pm Ivanec High School, and the hall can be rented from 15.30 to 23 hours. The hall is known throughout Croatia for its winter soccer tournament, which is known as one of the most popular in Croatia, and occasionally holds concerts and big sales of clothing and footwear.

Ivanec high school
E. Kumičića 7
42240 Ivanec
Tel. +385 (0)42 781 512

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