Pizzeria "Oaza"

Pizzeria "Oaza" offers its guests homemade specialties stored in a bread oven. From the rich offer, we especially emphasize midget, Zagorje strudel, meat from the spa and homemade bread in our daily offer. In addition to the standard beverage offer, you can try wines from the wider region of Ivanec in the pizzeria, and owner Branko Dušak announces additional novelties and an enrichment of the wine list by offering selected wines from the vineyards of Ivanec and its surroundings.

The property is air conditioned and has 60 seats and 30 seats on the terrace. Private parking is enough for 15 cars, and there are public parking nearby.

Pizzeria "Oaza" - Elektropunkt craft
Ulica akademika Mirka Maleza 12, Ivanec
Owner Branko Dušak
Tel. +385 (0)42 782 204
Fax. +385 (0)42 781 005
Opening hours: daily from 7am to midnight, Saturdays and day before holidays from 7am to 1am.

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